Weekly News Roundup- November 12, 2018


*There is still time to submit proposals for the SAA annual meeting: https://www2.archivists.org/am2019/program/call-for-program-proposals

* The IAAS steering committee congratulates Trudy Huskamp Peterson on receiving the 2018 Emmett Leahy Award for Excellence in Records and Information Management.

“The Emmett Leahy Award honors a pioneer in the field of records and information management.  The award recognizes an individual whose contributions and outstanding accomplishments have a major impact on the records and information management profession. Established in 1967, this award honors the spirit of innovation, dedication, and excellence in records and information management of Emmett Leahy, an icon in the development of the life cycle approach to managing records and information.”

* Among Trudy Huskamp Peterson’s many noteworthy contributions to international archives scholarship and practice is the publication of the monthly newsletter of the ICA Human Rights Working Group. The October 2018 issue has just come out: ICA HRWG News 2018-10

Please review, in particular, Huskamp Peterson’s commentary on the the 70th anniversary of the declaration of Human Rights (coming up in December 2018), and the need to hold non-state actors, particularly transnational corporations and business entities, accountable for human rights violations.

* The German Bundesarchiv (Federal Archives of Germany) launched the portal „Weimar: Die erste deutsche Demokratie“ [Weimar: The First German Democracy] in March 2018. The portal offers access to thousands of digitized records, maps, photographs, films, audio recordings, and posters from the Weimar Republic, with new materials being added on an ongoing basis. Href interviewed Vera Zahnhausen from the Bundesarchiv about the portal, which is one of the major recent digital initiatives of the Bundesarchiv. https://href.hypotheses.org/1194 (posted on href on November 7, 2018)

*Chris Hurley, based at Monash University in Australia, has posted notes and reflections on several international archival and records management conferences he attended on his blog (Conference Musings, 2018): http://www.descriptionguy.com/not-otherwise-classified.html#0

Calls and Announcements

* 28th International Archival Day at the International Institute for Archival Science of Trieste and Maribos, November 19th and 20th, 2018: http://www.iias-trieste-maribor.eu/index.php?id=116&L=1%3F%C2%B4%27%270×27%3B&L=1

*Archives Portal Europe transcribathon (organized by Transcribus and Archives Portal Europe), November 30th, 2018: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/archives-portal-europe-transcribathon-tickets-51456180822

* Archives Unleashed: Call for Participation. Web Data at Scale with the Archives Unleashed Toolkit: Web Archive Datathon. Gelman Library | George Washington University. 21-22 March 2019
http://archivesunleashed.org/washington/ (Deadline December 3, 2018)

* Announcement from Anne Gilliland posted on ICA-l: “Malmö City Archives in Sweden is co-sponsoring a one-day symposium with the Refugee Rights in Records Project of the UCLA Department of Information Studies’ Center for Information as Evidence and the Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies. It will address topics related to refuge, documentation and archives and bring together speakers from a range of backgrounds: people with experience of coming to Sweden as refugees, those who assist and advocate for refugees and asylum seekers; and record keepers, archivists and museum curators who manage official records or collect and (re)present documentation of displacement and diaspora.” The symposium will be held on November 21, 2018. Please contact Anne Gilliland if you’d like more information or if you are interested in registering.



Weekly News Roundup- November 5, 2018


Introducing Future Archives: Audio explorations in African contemporary, traditional, sci-tech storytelling: http://africandigitalart.com/2018/10/introducing-future-archives-audio-explorations-in-african-contemporary-traditional-sci-tech-storytelling/

“Beyond Timbuktu: Preserving the Manuscripts of Djenné, Mali” exhibition @britishlibrary 2018/9/28-2019/1/6 https://shar.es/a1Dyes  Timbuktu & Djenné (aka Jenne) are often described as “twin cities,” tho Djenné is less known outside West Africa & Francophone world.

Newly #digitized: 15th century #Arabic language #mathematics treatise by Persian astronomer Jamshid al-Kashi, including the first calculation of pi to 16 decimal places https://www.qdl.qa/en/archive/81055/vdc_100040164536.0x000001 …

Here’s some more from the EAP264 collection of rare photographic negatives from Mongolia https://eap.bl.uk/project/EAP264 

Crisis in the #Archives. It is the absence of #InformationControl, in which #Archivists simply have not been able to cope with the flood they face, as a result of the dismantling of the welfare state and the ascendance of #Neoliberal #Governance.. https://knightcolumbia.org/content/crisis-archives …


ICA. There is still time to register for the #Digital #Records #Preservation Training for Practitioners held in Yaoundé, Cameroon (29-30 November 2018). Have a look at the programme https://bit.ly/2DBenrt  Send in your application https://bit.ly/2Ese4Qt 

Ajami workshop – 31 October to 1 November 2018, at the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures at the University of Hamburg “African voices in Islamic manuscripts from Mali: documenting and exploring African languages in Arabic script (Ajami)” https://ajami.hypotheses.org/191 


Call for Applications! Chevening Fellowship opportunity for African Scholars at The British Library @britishlibrary @cheveningfco Research on African-language printed book collections. Apply by 06 November! http://africainwords.com/2018/10/24/call-for-applications-chevening-fellowship-opportunity-for-african-scholars-british-library-deadline-06-november/ …


Conference announcement and #CallForPapers – Photo Archives VII: The Majority World – to be held at @NYUFlorence in collaboration with @khiflorenzhttp://bit.ly/AkkasahConference …

Finally, the Joint Annual Meeting of the Council of State Archivists and the Society of American Archivists has issued its call for proposals. These are due by November 16, 2018. The program committee is sharing a spreadsheet where you can find collaborators:


Weekly News Roundup – October 22, 2018

* ICA Human Rights Working Group News September 2018, including a commentary by Trudy Huskamp Peterson :

“We spent much of the last two decades talking about the use of archives in situations of transitional justice, focusing on the four pillars of holding accountable, ensuring no repetition, learning the truth of what happened, and providing reparations. We looked at a country’s traumatic, undemocratic past, but exhibited an often naïve faith that its future would be more democratic than its past regime permitted.

Now, however, we need to face the bleak reality that some countries go in the opposite direction, that a brief experience of a less repressive regime may be succeeded by the imposition—abruptly or by incremental steps—of a new repressive form of government or new repressors with a revival of the old form of government. (…)” Read more at: https://www.ica.org/en/hrwg-newsletter-september-2018-0

*Rwanda: New Digital Platform to Ease Access to Genocide Archives, The New Times, October 10, 2018, https://allafrica.com/stories/201810100135.html

*South Africa: It’s Time to Stop the Appropriation of Visual Archive, AllAfrica, October 1, 2018, https://allafrica.com/stories/201810030353.html


*Call for Program Proposals: Joint Annual Meeting of the Council of State Archivists (CoSA) and the Society of American Archivists (SAA)—ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2019: TRANSFORMATIVE!: https://www2.archivists.org/am2019/program/call-for-program-proposals

* Survey on displaced archives: On behalf of the Expert Group on Shared Archival Heritage (EGSAH), the Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies is conducting an international survey on displaced archives. The data will enable the Expert Group to highlight key issues and so define priorities for project work.

Deadline is December 9th 2018.

Please click this link to complete the survey:

English: https://www.ica.org/en/displaced-archives-survey

Français: https://www.ica.org/fr/enquete-sur-les-archives-deplacees

*The call  for presentation proposals for the Sarbica International Symposium
2019,  hosted by the  National Archives of Singapore on 24-28 June 2019, on
the theme: “Rethinking Archives: Reframing Boundaries, Imagining
Possibilities,” closes next month, on 16 November 2018.

The call is posted here: www.sarbicasymposium2019.net.

Weekly News Roundup – October 12, 2018

International archives news:

Call for papers:

Weekly News Roundup – October 5, 2018

When Lithuania was fighting for its indipendence from Russia Iceland was the first indepentent country to acknowledge Lithuania’s independence. In 2006 the Lithuanian people collected over 240 thousand signatures to show their appreciation to the Icelandic nation for their support towards Lithuania‘s indipendence. Those signatures fill five books that were given to the Icelandic president which handed them over to the National Archives of Iceland for save keeping. This is the first page of the first book.

SCOLMA (UK Libraries and Archives Group on Africa) had its conference in September. The theme was literary archives from, in, and for Africa. Check the schedule here.

Comics and Archive Collaboration. This summer, hundreds of comics have been organized and cataloged in the University of Dundee Archives and the University Museum Services has acquired more original comic art for their collection. Comics and Illustration students have been flocking to the Archives and Museum Services to view the comics, scripts, and comic art housed in these facilities for inspiration. Check more here.

Former IAAS chair Ryder Kouba presenting at the ICA Section on University and Research Institution Archives: https://twitter.com/CAUCrue/status/1048171053325926400

Looking for a new job: Head of the Endangered archives programme. The British Library is seeking to recruit an outstanding person to lead the Endangered Archives Programme funded by the Arcadia Fund.  EAP awards grants to identify and to preserve digitally archives of cultural importance in areas of the world where resources are more limited and to ensure access to the digitised content through local archival partners and online through the British Library.The successful candidate will have a strong international research record, based on extensive experience working with archival materials from relevant parts of the world. The Head of Endangered Archives will ensure that the Programme creates a powerful legacy of permanent digital access to endangered archival materials from around the world, spanning boundaries of culture, language, geography and faith.

Endangered Archives. Explore the results of +300 digitisation projects in 90 countries worldwide on the @bl_eap website: https://eap.bl.uk/search/site  #IIIF

The Endangered Archives are now accepting applications for EAP grants to help preserve archives that are at risk. If you know of any collections that need digitization and may benefit, the deadline is Nov. 19, 2018. http://blogs.bl.uk/endangeredarchives/2018/09/call-for-applications-now-open.html

More IAAS heroes in the world: member Natalie Baur rides on horseback in Chiapas Mexico to preserve a Mexican cultural heritage archive: https://twitter.com/espejolento/status/1029414109387927553

To reflect on the current situation of immigrant children detained in the U.S.: The Bancroft Library is pleased to announce the completion of the “Japanese American Internment Sites: A Digital Archive” which includes important historic materials from our archival holdings that are now available online.

Weekly news–October 1, 2018

* Happy American Archives Month!


* ICA Flash no 36, September 2018, has been released.

* Documentary Heritage News, Thursday, 27 September 2018

* Selected videos from the #ARA2018 Glasgow annual conference are now available online and free for anyone to view. There are no charges for any of the videos for anybody:

Please follow this link http://conference.archives.org.uk/glasgow-2018-presentation-videos#clip=2x9f46m8liww to access the list of videos available and the videos.

*The videos from the ARA 2017 conference in Manchester, UK, are also available:



“Kindling for the fire: why Brazil’s lost research archives are irreplaceable,” The ART newspaper, October 1, 2018


Weekly news–September 23, 2018


*Details emerge of destruction at Brazil’s national museum, September 13, 2018, story by the U.K. based Museums Association online journal on the international effort that is underway to salvage knowledge, artifacts, and research from Brazil’s National Museum . Here is an excerpt:

“…An international effort is underway to salvage knowledge, research and images of the museum and its artefacts, including a campaign by researchers to digitally recreate the museum’s research archive. The campaign is seeking copies of dissertations, theses and historical studies connected to the museum.

The museum itself has asked visitors to help digitally reconstruct the museum by uploading photos to museunacional.ufrj.br/memoria. Institutions that are interested in offering “concrete” support are asked to email the museum’s director.

Seperately, Wikipedia has also launched a project to collate images of objects from the museum. “We’re asking people everywhere to join our global community and help the world recover from this collective tragedy,” said Katherine Maher, executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation…”

*The Museum Journal also includes a story on last week’s warning issued by the International Council of Museums (Icom) that cuts in “public expenditure on cultural heritage threatens the very existence of museums in many parts of the world.”

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) calls on policy- and decision-makers worldwide, in the wake of the National Museum of Brazil disaster, to recognise the need to care for museums, to allocate adequate funding and to develop policies that will allow these cultural institutions to carry out their vital role in society for generations to come.”

*Other stories related to the Brazil fire include an article in Wired (link also provided in last week’s Global Notes): “Brazil’s Museum Fire Proves Cultural Memory Needs a Digital Backup,” and a Sept. 14, 2018, SciShow news segment posted on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovy2yYvD5W8&feature=youtu.be

 Other news:

*Documentary Heritage News, September 20, 2018, http://documentary-heritage-news.blogspot.com/


* Jody Butterworth, Andrew Pearson, Patrick Sutherland and Adam Farquhar (eds.), Remote Capture: Digitising Documentary Heritage in Challenging Locations, Open Book Publishers, 2018,https://www.openbookpublishers.com/product/747

* Digitales Frauenarchiv, https://www.digitales-deutsches-frauenarchiv.de/

(Portal documenting the history of the German women’s movements.)


CFP: “Enumeration, Epistemology, Etcetera:  Lists and List-Making in Literature and Culture” – Freiburg 07/19. https://www.hsozkult.de/event/id/termine-38131