International Archives and Archivists Weekly News Roundup – March 20, 2015

Our weekly roundup of archives-related news from around the globe

  • Naziverbrechen: Griechenland setzt bei Reparationsforderung auf Wehrmacht-Archiv: The Greek defense ministry released a statement last week that it is in possession of a 400.000 page archives of records from the German Wehrmacht, dating to the period of occupation 1941-1945. The records could help uncover specific aspects of the occupation, including the looting of antiquities by the Germans, said a Greek official. The Greek government released the statement in conjunction with renewed demands for German reparations to Greece. Reports published in German media were not very detailed and don’t explain the provenance of the collection, but it appears as if the records are on microfilm obtained from the United States after the war. The reports are not clear whether other sets of the documents exist in U.S. or in German archives.
  • Massive Coalition of Japanese Organizations Campaigns Against TPP Copyright Provisions: Japanese archivists join forces with academics, artists, and activists in protest against provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership that expand copyright protection to match US law (author’s life + 70 years).
  • Call for papers: The Section on Archival Education and Training (SAE) of the International Council on Archives (ICA) is hosting a conference on “Social Justice/Injustice in Archival Education, Research, and Practice” in College Park, Maryland on July 12, 2015. Paper proposals are due March 27, 2015.

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