Call for Nominations — IAART Steering Committee

The International Archival Affairs Roundtable (IAART) of the Society of American Archivists is seeking candidates for two steering committee positions during this election cycle.

We encourage anyone who has an interest in global archival issues to submit their nomination, whether you work as an archivist abroad, manage international collections or collaborative projects, or would simply like to interact with other archivists who do!

Currently, the IAART is seeking to fill the following positions:

·* Junior co-chair (2 year term, first year as junior chair/second year as senior chair)

·* Steering committee member-at-large (3 year term)

If you are an SAA member in good standing, and an IAART member, please do feel free to send us your nominations. You can nominate colleagues who are passionate about these issues, or you may nominate yourself. Self-nominations are always welcome. Please send your nominations to Danielle Scott Taylor, IAART Junior co-chair, at no later than Wednesday, June 10th.

Thank you!

IAART Steering Committee

Christian Kelleher, University of Texas
Danielle Scott Taylor, Hoover Institution Library and Archives, Stanford University
Christopher Laico, Columbia University
Ryder Kouba, The American University in Cairo
Katharina Hering, NEJL, Georgetown University Law Center
Polina Ilieva, University of California, San Francisco


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