International Archives and Archivists Weekly News Roundup – May 27, 2016

SAA news and deadlines

  •  The ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2016 Program Committee invites submission of proposals for Pop-Up Sessions at the CoSA/SAA Joint Annual Meeting in Atlanta, July 31 – August 6. Pop-Up Sessions enliven the conference program by focusing on ideas and content that may have “popped up” between November 2015 (when initial proposals were due) and August. We encourage experimentation and ask you to think creatively to point attendees in new directions. Submissions are due by Friday, June 3.

Our weekly roundup of archives-related news from around the globe

Recent Publications and Resources of Interest

  • Conference report: Nicht nur Raubkunst! Sensible Dinge in Museen und
    wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen, organized by the Universitätsbibliothek Mainz and the
    Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikastudien, JohannesGutenberg-Universität Mainz, Jan. 21-22, 2016. On H Soz-Kult (in German),

Upcoming Conferences, Events, and Workshops

  •  We invite you to celebrate the 2016 International Archives Day on the theme “Archives, Harmony and Friendship.” As you will know, this is also the theme of the 2016 ICA Congress in Seoul.  The ICA wants you to enjoy and have fun with everyone else, in your own language, during this international event for archivists and record managers on 9th June.

The celebration of “Archives, Harmony and Friendship “ will continue right up to the September Congress.

Share your experience, the importance of your work and show the archives profession is fun, inclusive, varied and your expertise helpful to everyone. Under the theme “Archives, Harmony and Friendship”, organize right now, an exhibition, a slide-show, a film screening, open your department to the public, explain your work, raise the profile of your colleagues and how they can help other departments in your institution or your company: It is entirely up to you to select a project for this 2016 International Archives Day. The list of events you can do is endless.

The result will be an “unmissible” celebration to which archivists and records managers will look forward every year with eager anticipation.

The celebration on 9th June, will be a way of connecting with your colleagues, donors, users, volunteers, partners and decision makers as well as the public at large. Don’t miss out on this global opportunity but instead be part of it !

ICA is going to help you to celebrate

As we want to be a real partner and facilitate your events, you will find on the ICA Website colourful templates (poster, flyer, and bookmark) that you can easily personalize and adapt to promote your event (to be e-mailed or printed).

This year you can share your activities with our colleagues and friends across the world through the ICA. So, we ask you right now: What will you organize?  How are you going to celebrate this International Archives Day ?

And because we would like to highlight your projects in a database and photos coming from all over the world, please think of taking photos of your adapted poster, flyer and bookmark as well as your celebration on 9th June and send them to us !

For now, join the Feast and attend this important annual rendez-vous! And to continue the Celebration of “Archives, Harmony and Friendship” register for the ICA Congress 5-10 September.


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