International Archives and Archivists Weekly News Roundup – July 22, 2016

Our weekly roundup of archives-related news from around the globe

  • Spanish Archive Raises Franco-Era Ghosts and Shadows of a New Chasm (The New York Times, July 16, 2016) – “Like several other aspects of the civil war and the resulting Franco dictatorship, the Salamanca Papers remain a subject of intense controversy rather than reconciliation.”
  • Amnesty No More (NACLA, July 20, 2016) – “What happens next in El Salvador will be a chapter in an important historical process of nation-building, memory and justice that will provide lessons for other societies pursuing similar struggles against state violence, forgetting and impunity.”
  • Honoring Garcia Lorca’s Genius: A Bout Over a $22 Million Archive (The New York Times, July 10. 2016) – “The poet’s family and its Garcia Lorca Foundation, which owns the archives, have refused to move the archives to the new center from storage in Madrid until they are given what they said was promised power from local government officials over the direction and programming of the center.”
  • A history of Benin in 15,000 photographs (GlobalPost, July 14, 2016) – “Archivist isn’t taken seriously in our country,” he complained. “It’s disappearing and if archives disappear, so do chunks of Benin’s history.”
  • The June issue of the Human Rights Working Group (HWRG) newsletter is now available!

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