International Archives and Archivists Weekly News Roundup-October 21, 2016

“What could happen if one of the oldest civil society groups documenting the Aleppo’s cultural heritage for over ninety years was attacked?” Article on how Syrian archivists and volunteers defend their heritage.

Article: “Syria TV archives lose treasure chest of history. During battles between Syrian rebels and army, the storehouse was hit by cannon fire and most of its treasures were destroyed.”

Codruta Mihailovici discussed the Romanian historical archives availability for online research at the ICARUS Meeting for an overview on the meeting that took place in Budapest from Oct. 17-19.

On October 20-21, Chilean and other international archivists got together at Chile’s National Archives to discuss the role of archives in the new cultural institutionality. Mexico’s AGN discussed the experience of Mexico in institutional reforms regarding archives #AGNMex  Bruno Delmas discussed his experience with archives in France.  #ElRolDeLosArchivos

In October 1492, Columbus was having some fun. A document from the Archivo General de Simancas is featured at the Archives Portal Europe.

The UK National Archives host a family event in which children explore documents about memorialization, including material related to WWI.



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