Weekly News Roundup – March 3, 2017

Our weekly news roundup from around the globe.

(Very interesting piece on the Berlin church-book authority established in 1936 by the Protestant pastor and National Socialist ideologue Karl Themel, now part of the Evangelisches Zentralarchiv Berlin.)

New resources

Several articles in the most recent edition of the American Archivist might be of particular interest to members o the IAAS:

  • Aleksandr Gelfand, “As Vast as the Sea: An Overview of Archives and the Archival Profession in Russia from the Time of Ivan the Terrible to World War I,” American Archivist 79:2 (fall/winter 2016): 230-253.
  • Laila Hussein Moustafa, “Cultural Heritage and Preservation: Lessons from World War II and the Contemporary Conflict in the Middle East,”
    American Archivist 79:2 (fall/winter 2016): 320-338.

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