Weekly News Roundup – February 23, 2018

Our weekly news roundup from around the globe


The ICA/SUV is pleased to be working with the Conferencia De Archiveros Universitarios Españoles (CAU) to organize a joint conference 3-5 October in Salamanca, Spain.

The conference theme is centered on achieving a better understanding of how, and in what ways, archives contribute value to their parent institutions.  It will explore how those challenges may vary based on the authorizing documents and institutional setting of the archives, and it will consider opportunities and challenges against the backdrop of new technologies, digital humanities, user communities, and standardization of professional practices.

To make sure that you have enough time to prepare a strong proposal for the conference program, the submission deadline has just been extended. But do not delay too long–all proposals must be submitted by the end of Wednesday 28 February.

Meanwhile, please note that the editors of ICA’s journal Comma will devote a special issue in 2019 to include the conference proceedings.  All confirmed speakers will be invited to submit their papers, with revisions appropriate for publication, by 31 December 2018.  Conference presentations must be in English or Spanish, but when you prepare your revision for Comma it may be in English, Spanish, or French.

For the full Call for Proposals for the October ICA/SUV – CAU conference, please go to the following website:

Or go directly to:

Weekly News Roundup – February 9, 2018

Our weekly news roundup from around the globe

Calls for papers

  • ENDS TODAY! Archival workshop for historic financial collections.
  • February 15, 2018 – Women & Collections issue of Collections: A Journal for Archive and Museum Professionals.
  • February 28, 2018 – Textual Heritage and Information Technologies – El’Manuscript conference on medieval manuscripts in Krems, Austria.
  • April 30, 2018 – Canadian Journal of Academic Librarianship (CJAL) special issue on diversity.

Weekly News Roundup February 9, 2018

New Projects

ASCL awarded funding for new research project: Digitizing Dogon heritageThis project aims at digitally recording and safeguarding part of the immaterial cultural heritage of the Dogon in Mali. Research activities on the ground will be done by Dogon researchers, guided by the consortium which consists of the African Studies Centre Leiden, University College London and Institut des mondes africaines in Paris. Project partners in Mali are the National Museum in Bamako, the UNESCO office in Mali and Ginna Dogon, the association that represents the Dogon in cultural matters. The full title of the project is ‘DigiDogon: Digitizing Dogon heritage. The legacy of Abirè, the Dogon prophet’. It is one of eight transnational research projects in the JPI Cultural Heritage programme.

The UK Web Archive Ebola Outbreak collection. Next month marks the four year anniversary of the WHO’s public announcement of “a rapidly evolving outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD)” that went on to become the deadliest outbreak of EVD in history. Searching online now, you can find fact sheets detailing everything you might want to know about patient zero and the subsequent rapid spread of infection. You can find discussions detailing the international response (or failure to do so) and lessons learned. You might even find the reminiscences of aid workers and survivors. But these sites all examine the outbreak in retrospect and their pages and stories have been updated so often that posts from then can no longer be found. The Ebola collection is available via the UK Web Archive’s new beta interface.

Hausa Popular Fiction at SOAS. This week’s blog comes from Dawn Wright, SOAS subject Librarian for Africa, and looks at the Furniss Collection (E Coll 7), a collection of Hausa Popular Fiction made by Professor Graham Furniss (former Pro-Director for Research and Enterprise at SOAS, University of London) and acquired by SOAS Library in 2008. The collection was amongst a larger selection of Hausa materials from the Library’s collections on display for a recent visit to SOAS in December 2017, by Professor Muhammed Yahuza Bello (Vice-Chancellor of Bayero University Kano) and Dr Aliyu Muazu (Head of Department of African Languages at BUK).

African Scribes: Manuscript Culture of Ethiopia. February 6th marks the opening of a new display, “African Scribes: Manuscript Culture of Ethiopia,” in the British Library’s Sir John Ritblat Treasures Gallery. It will be the first exhibit to be held at the Library devoted entirely to Ethiopian manuscripts, exploring the culture of a manuscript tradition which extends back to the early centuries of the Christian era. The Ethiopian collections in the British Library include over 500 manuscripts most of which are written in Ge’ez and were acquired from the mid-eighteenth century onwards. The collection is especially strong in illuminated manuscripts of the 16th and 17th centuries and also contains, in addition to biblical texts, an important collection of Ethiopian magical and divinatory scrolls. On display is a selection of twelve exhibits chosen to demonstrate the arts of painting and calligraphy besides serving as an introduction to Ethiopian literary traditions.

 ICA invites you to celebrate the International Archives Day on Saturday 9 June 2018, on the theme of the ICA Yaoundé Conference 2018 #Archives : #Governance #Memory and #Heritage – For more info and to download the #IAD18 communication kit http://bit.ly/2H2ypZG 

Recuerda consultar el Boletín digital de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Archivos @ALAArchivos de febrero en: http://bit.ly/2GSF2h3


4th Croatian ICARUS days & EURBICA Conference. The European Archival Landscape: Reaching out for new Horizons (March 14-16, 2018). This conference is comprised of contributions presenting a variety of digitization activities focused on the protection of written heritage as well as contributions introducing current archival projects and programmes across Europe such as “community as opportunity (co:op)“, Monasterium, Matricula, the Topotheque and the Time Machine FET Flagship Project: http://icar-us.eu/en/event/english-4th-croatia-icarus-days-eurbica-conference/

SCOLMA Annual Conference. ‘Things come together?: Literary archives from, in and for Africa.’ Monday 10 September 2018, University of Birmingham. Call for papers: http://scolma.org/event/call-for-papers-things-come-together-literary-archives-from-in-and-for-africa/

Weekly News Roundup – February 2, 2018

Our weekly news roundup from around the globe

* An Internet Archive Seeks to Rekindle the Egyptian Revolution’s Spirit, The Atlantic, January 25, 2018,

* Hong Kong democracy activists urge UK to release unseen files — Foreign Office still holding back tens of thousands of files now eligible for release after 20 years, The Guardian, Feb 4, 2018, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/04/hong-kong-democracy-activists-urge-uk-release-unseen-files-foreign-office


*Symposium on Refugee Rights in Records (Proceedings Available)
January 10, 2018, Budapest, Hungary

* Rights to Culture: Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property,
Copyright and Protocols. These principles were created by Terri Janke, an Indigenous owned Australian law firm, specializing in Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) and Commercial Law. “The principles apply to projects that work with Indigenous people and communities and offer an outline for working with Indigenous peoples to protect ICIP.” http://www.terrijanke.com.au/single-post/2018/01/29/Rights-to-Culture-Indigenous-Cultural-and-Intellectual-Property-ICIP-Copyright-and-Protocols

*Article (pre-print) – The Right to Be Forgotten and Implications on Digital
Collections: a Survey of Association of Research Libraries Member
Institutions on Practice and Policy –January 22, 2018:

* Research paper: Thomas McMahon, Creating the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and Proactive Disclosure Under the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation Act (February 1, 2018). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=

*Washington, DC, January 31, 2018—The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) today released a prototype proof of concept for the Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME). The prototype was developed in partnership with the Antiquities Coalition, Qatar National Library, and Stanford Libraries, and in service to and collaboration with institutional and individual collaborators throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region. http://dlme.clir.org/2018/01/31/announcing-digital-library-middle-east-prototype/

* From Beowulf to Chaucer, the British Library makes 1,000 years of rich
literary history freely available online:http://www.bl.uk/press-releases/2018/january/from-beowulf-to-chaucer-the-british-library-makes-1000-years-of-rich-literary-history-freely-available-online

* In its meeting in the Archivo Nacional de la Nación-México in November 2017 the Executive Board endorsed Dr. Anthea Seles as the next Secretary General of the ICA. In her speech Dr. Seles spoke enthusiastically on the value of the archives and archivists to society, as well as shared her ambitious visions for the future activities of the ICA with the Board.


*The European Archival Landscape: Reaching out for new Horizons Split – Trogir, HR – 14-16 March 2018 please be invited to the 4th Croatian ICARUS Days and EURBICA Conference “The European Archival Landscape: Reaching out for new Horizons” which will take place from 14-16 March 2018  in Split – Trogir (HR).

Registration is open until 20 February 2018. More info: http://icar-us.eu/en/event/english4th-croatia-icarus-days-eurbica-conference/

* Things Come Together?: Literary Archives from, in and for Africa*
September 10, 2018, University of Birmingham