Weekly News Roundup – March 8th, 2019



Calls & announcements

  • March 18 – Discussion & Drinks: An Open Conversation about the Future of Cultural Heritage Protection in Wartime and the Effectiveness of UNESCO at the Hague University
  • March 26 – Brandeis University event on Saving Jewish Cultural Legacy: Libraries & Archives during & after WWII
  • March 31 – Call for papers for Prisons, Asylums, Workhouses: Institutions in Irish History conference
  • April 1 – Call for papers for Digital Hermeneutics – From Research to Dissemination: GHI Conference on Digital Humanities and Digital History



Weekly News Roundup- March 1st, 2019

Bishopsgate Institute has been documenting the history and lives of the LGBTQ+ Community in the UK since 2011, when it became home to the Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive; a national collection of over 300,000 press cuttings from the straight press covering all aspects of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer experience from the late nineteenth century to the present. Access here.

How a Mumbai scientist helped bring together India’s obsessive record collectors. After amassing records over five decades and building a community, Suresh Chandvankar is introspecting: ‘What is this passion? Where does it come from?’ Access here.

To traffic the cultural heritage of Latin America is a crime. Technic commission regarding illicit trade of cultural heritage: http://www.alaarchivos.org/comision-trafico/comision-tecnica-sobre-el-trafico-ilicito-del-patrimonio-documental/

The Mexican government has established agreements to provide access to historical records related to the violation of human right and political persecution: https://www.gob.mx/agn/articulos/el-presidente-de-mexico-firmo-un-acuerdo-por-el-que-se-establecen-diversas-acciones-para-la-transferencia-de-documentos-historicos?idiom=es

 ARCHIVES & ACCESS TOOLKIT Information, recommendations and guidance on developing archive digitisation and associated outreach projects. The Archives & Access project (2012–2017), funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Tate, has been a five-year programme of digital access, participation and learning with archives. The project digitised over 52,000 items and pieces from Tate’s Archive while developing associated engagement activities at Tate Britain, on the Tate website, and with partners across the UK. As a result of the project, Tate has accrued experience that can be shared with others who are embarking upon archive digitisation initiatives. https://www.tate.org.uk/art/archive/archives-access-toolkit


ICA. Invitation to Apply for participation to the New Professionals Programme 2019. The International Council on Archives wants to engage with future leaders, who will stimulate international engagement from and with their professional communities. To this end, the ICA has developed the New Professionals Programme. New Professionals from around the world are selected to be members of the Programme for one year and participate in all its activities, including the ones taking place during the ICA annual Conference. This coming year, bursaries will be funded to enable successful candidates to attend the Conference, taking place in Adelaide, Australia, 21-25 October 2019. https://www.ica.org/en/invitation-to-apply-for-participation-to-the-new-professionals-programme-2019

Interactive Archives: Digital Challenges & Collaborative Networks ICARUS Hrvatska together with ICARUS (International Center for Archival Research), the State Archives in Pazin and further partners organize the 5th Croatian ICARUS Days in conjunction with the ICARUS Convention #23 under the theme “Interactive Archives: Digital Challenges & Collaborative Networks”. The conference will take place in Pula on the premises of the House of the Croatian Defenders (Dom hrvatskih branitelja) from 27-29 March 2019. For information go here.

XIII CONGRESO DE ARCHIVOLOGÍA DEL MERCOSUR La Asociación Uruguaya de Archivólogos (AUA) y el Archivo General de la Nación (AGN), tienen el agrado de convocar al XIII Congreso de Archivología del MERCOSUR (CAM), a realizarse en la ciudad de Montevideo del 21 al 25 de octubre del 2019. For more information go here.

Weekly news roundup—February 17, 2019


* Human Rights Working Group News January 2019, accessible from the ICA website: https://www.ica.org/en/hwrg-news

(Including commentary on the importance of records for the “Guiding Principles for the Search for Disappeared Persons,” currently under revision: https://www.ohchr.org/EN/HRBodies/CED/Pages/SearchDisappearedPersons.aspx)

* Documentary Heritage News, February 14, 2019, http://documentary-heritage-news.blogspot.com/

(A comprehensive collection of references to resources and news stories on international archival issues, published weekly as a labor of love by David Rajotte.)

* The Universal Declaration on Archives is now available in Papiamentu! The Universal Declaration on Archives, adopted by the 36th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO on 10th November 2011, is now translated in 39 languages!

* 30 Jahre nach Ende der Diktatur: “Archiv des Terrors” in Paraguay, Amerika21, February 10, 2019 (Article about „los Archivos del Terror“ in Paraguay, in German.)

* Article about the archives of Nobel laureate Imre Kertész, highlighting the latest developments in the struggle over his papers: While most of the physical archives will remain at the Berlin Academy of Sciences, the rights to his works will be transferred to a Hungarian foundation with close ties to the government. Tagesspiegel,  Feb. 2, 2019, https://www.tagesspiegel.de/kultur/imre-kertesz-die-rechte-am-archiv-bleiben-in-budapest/23941978.html

* Presentation: Digitizing Archives in Russia

From the announcement: “Alexey Golubev, assistant professor in the University of Houston department of History, will present Digitizing Archives in Russia: Epistemic Sovereignty and Its Challenges in the Digital Age on Thursday, February 21 at 12 noon in the UH Libraries Digital Research Commons. (…)

“Golubev will speak on the production of digital archives in a broader context of the political economy of historical knowledge in Russia. The archive is a key institution that asserts state sovereignty over history by defining the dominant forms of historical knowledge, its limits and silences, and establishing hierarchies of voices from the past. Modern information technologies represent a formidable challenge to maintaining this epistemic sovereignty as they have simplified to the extreme a precise reproduction of historical documents and production of digital archives. The talk will focus on several cases of digital archives to discuss this challenge and the measures that the Russian state implements to maintain its sovereign control over historical knowledge.”

Calls and announcements

*Attention:  all New Professionals and Students of archival science and records management! You’re invited to apply for participation in the International Council on Archives (ICA) New Professionals Programme 2019! *Deadline: 1 April 2019.

By being part of the Programme you get to provide support to ICA Expert Groups, help run the ICA New Professionals Network and attend and participate at the ICA Conference in Adelaide, Australia from 21-25 October 2019.

For full details please go to the ICA website here: https://www.ica.org/en/invitation-to-apply-for-participation-to-the-new-professionals-programme-2019

*ICA in Adelaide 2019, Call for submissions, deadline Feb. 28, 2019: https://www.ica.org/en/ica-adelaide-2019-call-for-submissions

* “Building Towards a Just Harbor: Endangered Data, State Violence, & Endangered Lives, webinar, part of endangered date week.

Date & Local Time: 2019-03-01 2:00:00 PM
Location: Digital Library Federation | Digital Library Federation
Website: https://clirdlf.zoom.us/j/893477873

(Cross-posted from the Human Rights Archives section listserv.)

* ALIPH, a “global fund that is solely dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage in conflict areas,” issued its annual call for projects; submissions due March 15. https://www.aliph-foundation.org

(Cross-posted from the HRWG newsletter, Jan 2019)

*The Aaron Swartz Fellowship at Blinken OSA, deadline: March 15, 2019, http://www.osaarchivum.org/work-with-us/fellowship/aaron-swartz-fellowship

“Each year, the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Blinken OSA) at Central European University, one of the initiators of the Open Access Movement, offers a Fellowship to honor the work, legacy and memory of our friend, Aaron Swartz. The Fellow will be awarded $10,000 for a period of 3 months, to conduct their research at the Blinken OSA in Budapest. The Fellowship starts on September 1, 2019.

The focus of the Fellowship is on developing (collaborative) intellectual or technological tools that help in validating the authenticity and integrity of factual claims, digital or digitized documents, scholarly or legal evidence, or the validation of research in the networked environment of information. (…)”


Weekly news roundup—February 8, 2019



Calls & announcements

Weekly news roundup—January 18, 2019



Calls and announcements

Weekly news roundup, January 7, 2019

ICA news


La version française suit.

The International Council on Archives’ survey of displaced archives will close on 15 January 2019. If you have a claim over records held in another country, jurisdiction, institution or community we would be grateful if you would complete the survey, which is available in English at https://www.ica.org/en/displaced-archives-survey and in French at https://www.ica.org/fr/enquete-sur-les-archives-deplacees The results of the survey will inform the work of the ICA’s Expert Group on Shared Archival Heritage.


L’enquête sur les archives déplacées menée par le Conseil international des archives s’achèvera le 15 janvier 2019. Si vous avez une réclamation concernant des enregistrements conservés dans un autre pays, juridiction, institution ou communauté, nous vous serions reconnaissants de bien vouloir répondre à l’enquête, qui est disponible en anglais à l’adresse https://www.ica.org/en/displaced-archives-survey et en français sur https://www.ica.org/fr/enquete-sur-les-archives-deplacees Les résultats de l’enquête éclaireront les travaux du groupe d’experts de l’CIA sur le patrimoine archivistique partagé.

International archival news

* Documentary Heritage News, vol. 12, no. 18


* Endangered Knowledge, a special edition of Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Preservation Studies (KULA), launched on November 29, 2018 (open access), edited by Samantha MacFarlane, Rachel Mattson, and Bethany Nowviskie, includes several articles that are particularly relevant for international archivists, including:

* T-Kay Sangwand, “Preservation is Political: Enacting Contributive Justice and Decolonizing Transnational Archival Collaborations,” https://kula.uvic.ca/articles/10.5334/kula.36/

*Peter Herdrich, “The Digital Library of the Middle East and Implementing International Cultural Heritage Preservation Policy,” https://kula.uvic.ca/articles/10.5334/kula.38/

Endangered Knowledge abstract: “This special issue of KULA on the subject of ‘endangered knowledge’ comprises 22 essays by 34 authors working across a wide array of disciplines and fields. Guest editors Samantha MacFarlane, Rachel Mattson, and Bethany Nowviskie have assembled a collection of scholarly articles, pedagogical reflections, and project reports that take up theoretical and practical considerations of archival salvage and erasure, the persistence of the public record, indigenous knowledge, and the politics of loss. The special issue explores endangerment as a critical category of analysis for records, data, collections, languages, ecosystems, and networks.”


Call for Proposals: EHRI Conference: Holocaust Studies in the Digital Age. What’s New? Tuesday, July 2, 2019, Stedeldijk Museum Amsterdam, July 2, 2019, deadline: February 2, 2019, https://ehri-project.eu/call-proposals-ehri-conference-holocaust-studies-digital-age-what%E2%80%99s-new

Weekly news roundup—December 22, 2018

* Accomplishing More Together: Volunteer to Serve on an SAA Appointed Group
SAA remains a vibrant and relevant organization because members contribute their time and expertise to benefit the profession. SAA Vice President/President-Elect Michelle Light invites you to volunteer to serve on an SAA appointed group! Numerous positions on various committees and boards are available, with terms starting in August 2019. To learn more about the appointments process, review the positions available, and submit your volunteer form, see the Call for Volunteers. Apply by January 19.

* ICA Human Rights Working Groups News, December 2018, https://www.ica.org/en/hrwg-newsletter-november-2018

* Nouvelles du patrimoine documentaire – Documentary Heritage News – Vol. 12 no 16, http://documentary-heritage-news.blogspot.com/

* Archives Portal Europe Foundation newsletter number 21, December 2018: http://www.archivesportaleuropefoundation.eu/images/apef_newsletter/apef_newsletter_21_dec_lq.pdf

* Knapp 43,000 mail Einsicht in Stasi Akten verlangt, Der Tagesspiegel, December 23, 2018, https://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/archiv-in-lichtenberg-knapp-43-000-mal-einsicht-in-stasi-akten-beantragt/23795180.html

(Article about continuing popular interest in reviewing personal Stasi records).

New resources

Kafka’s Last Trial by Benjamin Balint, review in the NYT, Oct. 24, 2018: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/24/books/review/benjamin-balint-kafkas-last-trial.html


Call for Papers on Community and Small Archives
A special issue of Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication requests papers that explore the nature and use of community and small archives, their collections and management, and their place in the wider cultural heritage industries. Practitioner perspectives and case studies are especially encouraged. Read the full call. Deadline: February 15.