International Archives Day, June 9, 2017

ala_ica_poster_eng_700Happy International Archives Day!

International Archives Day is celebrated around the world to honor the day when the International Council on Archives was created on 9 June 1948. ICA established the event in 2007 to raise awareness of archives and archival profession, and to highlight the importance of international archival collaboration and exchange. An excellent background article on the history of ICA, and the role of the National Archives and the SAA in establishing the organization, can be found on the National Archives blog, Pieces of History. The article also includes a link to Solon Buck’s 1946 SAA address, “The Archivist’s One World,” which is certainly worth reading on any day.

This year, International Archives Day is celebrated on the theme of the 2017 joint ALA-ICA conference, “Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism.”

To follow events around the world, use the hashtag: #IAD17

If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at the powerful interactive map documenting events celebrating International Archives Day around the world:

* The Association of Latin American Archives (ALA) invites to commemorate the Day of International Archives by using #ArchivosParaLaGente @ALAArchivos #IAD17

* Colombia’s National Archives celebrates the Day of International Archives on June 9, 2017 with three talks: Social Memory and Archives by Diego Andrés Ferreyra from Argentina, Catastrophes and the Nationalization of Collective Memory: Columbian-Venezuelan Documents as an Example, Heroes Family Papers: From Personal Papers to Historical Archives: El AGN de Colombia conmemora el Día Internacional de los Archivos

* Mexico City’s Manual on what archives are and what they do: El ABC de los Archivos

* The Archivo General de Simancas (Spain) will host tours to its archives all day long on June 9, 2017, the Day of International Archives: Visitas guiadas del Archivo General de Simancas

* Iberoamerican Archives participate in the interactive map to commemorate #IAD17

* Costa Rica opens registration to its National Archives Conference which will take place from July 19-21, 2017: Sinergia ALA – Ya está abierta la inscripción para el Congreso Archivístico Nacional en Costa Rica


Selected additional events in the United States and around the world, not all of which are listed on the interactive IAD map:

* San Jose State University, US (webcast)

Lessons learned while gathering data for the International Directory of National Archives. see:
When: June 9, 2017

Time: 3 p.m. pacific

Location:  Collaborate –

Abstract: iSchool students share experiences as researchers for the International Directory of National Archives, edited by Dr. Pat Franks and Dr. Anthony Bernier. IDNA will serve archivists, historians, and researchers with information about 198 national archives. Slated for publication in 2018, IDNA has allowed iSchool students and alumni to conduct research on how nations manage and preserve their documentary heritage and to contribute to a work that will share their findings with a wide audience.

Presenters:  Alyse Dunavant-Jones, Heather Kohles, and Kathryn Eminhizer

More info at:


University of Waterloo, Canada

Celebrating this year’s IAD theme “Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism”, the University of Waterloo Library’s Special Collections & Archives department would like to invite members from the UW Community to meet with us and learn more about our varied collections that showcase the intercultural history of Waterloo, and the world.


Chickasaw Country

International Archives Day at the Chickasaw Cultural Center!
In honor of International Archives Day the Chickasaw Cultural Center will be hosting a special day filled with activities for those interesting in learning more about archiving documents on Friday, June 9th. Visitors can explore the Holisso: The center for Study of Chickasaw History and Culture. Throughout the day, tours, photo and document preservation workshops and special archival collection presentations will be given for visitors to enjoy. Come out to Sulphur for this very special event!


* Bibliothèque et et Archives Nationales du Quebec

On Friday June 9th, BAnQ  will celebrate International Archives Day under the theme of Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism. On this occasion, you are all invited to attend the many activities offered by BAnQ such as conferences and guided tours.


Bulgarian Archives State Agency

On the 9th of June – International Archives Day – the Bulgarian Archives State Agency will be announcing several initiatives:

  • The 2016 nominations for reader, donor and friend of the archives (11 am);
  • Presentation of a new ASA digital project – providing access to 1082 early printed Jewish books, printed in Constantinople (Istanbul), Salonika (Thessaloniki) and Smyrna (Izmir). The books are part of Central State Archives fonds 1568K Jewish documents and early printed books. These are very rare examples of early Jewish printing and provide valuable information about the history of the Jewish community – the everyday life, culture and economy of the Jewish people in Bulgaria and the Balkans for a period of five centuries (11 am);
  • The joint exhibition Allied. Bavaria and Bulgaria during the First World War, organized by the ASA and the Bavarian State Archives. During the exhibition, for the first time will be presented the film Makenzen’s victory campaign through Dobrudzha, presenting the events from a century ago in an intriguing and gripping way (5 pm).


* Archives à Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Événements pour la Journée Internationale des Archives à Ouagadougou.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

THEME : « Archives, Citoyenneté et Inter culturalisme »
THEME LOCAL : Jeune Archiviste, quel avenir professionnel dans un domaine aussi nouveau au Burkina
LIEU : Archives Nationales (Salle de Conférence)
JOURS : Vendredi 09 et Samedi 10 Juin 2017 (8h00 – 11h)
CIBLE : La communauté archiviste nationale
– Les membres et sympathisants de l’UNAr-BF
– Les « nouveaux archivistes » (Archives ayant pris service il y’a moins d’un an)
– Les élèves et étudiants archivistes (ENAM – UK –)


* Perm, Russia

International scientific-practical conference “Archives without borders”

Studencheskaya ul., 36, Perm, Permskiy kray, Russia, 614070

International Archival conference «Archives without borders» is intended to provide professional international communication on the most important and perspective issues of archival work in Russia, the CIS, Europe and North America. The main objective of the conference is to exchange experience of archival case with colleagues from near and far abroad.

More about the Conference :


The United Nations Archives Celebrate International Archives Day

Please see the United Nations Archives and Records Management Section’s Facebook page and website where they have marked the occasion with some archives from our collections:



Weekly News Roundup- June 2, 2017

June 9. International Day of Archives.

The Association of Latin American Archives (ALA) chose the hash tag #ArchivosParaLaGente  (archives for the people) to commemorate June 9, the International Day of Archives. The hashtag was chosen because people are the reason archives exist. Archives and museums all over the world are preparing special events to commemorate the significance of archives for people on June 9. Spanish archives will have special tours to their repositories: Archives in Guadalajara, Museo Canario and Archivo Histórico Provincial de Las Palmas.

How are US archivists going to commemorate the International Day of Archives?

Human rights and archives.

Standing up with Manchester. Rebel Music. The Sound of Politics and Protest in Manchester. A programme of events, pop-up exhibitions and training days focusing on women and LGBT+ people in Manchester music: #RebelMusicMcr

Archives is one way in which citizens can make the state accountable: L’exemple de l’impact du contrôle citoyen en #Colombie (VIDEO) 

Colombia commits to protect human rights archives:  AGN emite circular para la protección de archivos de Derechos Humanos y Derecho Internacional Humanitario

UK’s National Archives highlight the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act: tp:// 

Open access.

A digitized archive of historical maps of Latin America from 1525 to 1850. …

The North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) is pleased to announce a new link to the updated Japan Guide of the National Archives of the Netherlands’ (NAN) on NCC’s Research Access Guides to Japanese Collections at

Check the Archives Portal Europe Foundation monthly newsletter:

Weekly News Roundup – May 26th, 2017

Our weekly news roundup from around the globe

International Archives Day 2017 is approaching! Two weeks left until the festivities on June 9th. The event website maintained by the International Council on Archives offers additional information, links and latest news regarding the celebrations.

Rwanda Archives and Library Services Authority works toward improving the reading culture among Rwandans.

Documents to be archived as part of the effort to establish genocide studies alliance, proposed recently in Dhaka, Bangladesh. IAAS member Trudy Peterson was there!

Doomsday Book to be displayed outside London after 150 years in the David P J Ross Magna Carta Vault at Lincoln Castle, England.

Archiving plant seeds in the arctic region of Norway for a rainy day.

And growing a garden to document the horticultural heritage of a region provides an opportunity for an archivist to contribute to the project in Australia as well.

Community archival projects showcased at a conference in Scotland.

Major archival and digitization achievements in India are featured in an interview with a government official.


Weekly News Roundup – May 19th, 2017

Our weekly news roundup from around the globe
  • Celebrate International Archives Day: * The International Council on Archives invites you to celebrate the International Archives Day on Friday 9 June 2017 ! We invite you to celebrate the International Archives Day on the theme of the ALA-ICA Conference 2017 “Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism” which will take place in Mexico from 27 to 29 November. More at:
  • Excerpt: “If archivists have any hope of contributing to a radically inclusive historical record, we must make a fundamental change. I want to see the day where inclusive and community-driven description is no longer radical, but mainstream. I want to see new professionals enter the field with basic cultural competency about the knowledge protocols, definitions, and information needs of the diverse communities they serve.”



  • Excerpt: “TRC will be a tremendous opportunity to accept the darkness of our collective history and to proceed, without delay, with réconciliation and rebuilding our relationships as one Gambian peoples. Let’s not let it slip away. We can have a great nation with when we reconcile and forgiveness.”
New publication
Upcoming conferences, CFPs
  • CFP: Quellen und Methoden der Geschichtswissenschaft im digitalen Zeitalter: Neue Zugaenge fuer eine etablierte Disziplin? DIGIMET 2017 –
    25.09.2017-26.09.2017, Berlin
    Deadline: 31.05.2017
  • Program for the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) Annual Conference 2017 in Manchester (Motto: Challenge the past, set the agenda) is now available online:

Weekly News Roundup – May 13th, 2017

Our weekly news roundup from around the globe

  • Wired provides a rare look into the Stasi archives. For anyone interested in the Stasi archives, Stasiland and The File: A Personal History are good books on the subject.
  • Croatia will open its pre-1990 archives after parliament passes a new law.
  • SAA’s Issue & Advocacy Section has an interesting post on archiving the history war crimes
  • “The Conversation” has launched a database which documents 36,000 slave voyages between 1514 and 1866.
  • Short article discussion Iran’s National Archives and its 3 million files
  • UK National Archives has a post on what websites they collect during national elections
  • “The Conversation” has another archives-related post uncovering the hidden gems of the State Archives of the NSW

Weekly News Roundup- May 5, 2017

Preserving Southeast Asia’s documentary heritage: Documentary Heritage in the Digital Age: Symposium and Consultation to Advance Access, Preservation and Cooperation in ASEAN+3 countries

Difficulties of digitizing and uploading digital material in Cuba: El ‘paketito’, un rival clandestino para el ‘paquete’

From the start, the huge amount of knowledge contained in the Audrey Richards’ donation boxes was obvious. As a new volunteer at the Centre of African Studies Library, I felt impressed (and a little bit nervous) when I first saw these papers, results of long years of research, and many different collaborations: The Dr Audrey Richards’ pamphlet collection – as detailed by Ophelia, volunteer @AfrStudiesLib

Program of the 16th Congress of Archives and Records Management in Catalunya, Spain:

Switzerland makes available to the public documents related to victims of the Nazis related to bank accounts in Switzerland: Avoirs en déshérence : Documents disponibles aux AFS

A government journal in Burkina Faso will archive its issues thanks to collaboration with China: Burkina Faso : le journal d’Etat va numériser ses archives grâce à la coopération avec la Chine

In 2015, Berlin-based researcher Nicolas Sheikholeslami compiled Au Revoir Mogadishu Vol 1, a mixtape of Somali music from before the 1988 civil war. Beguiled by this authentic sound, Sheikholeslami and Ostinato Records boss Vik Sohonie travelled to the Horn of Africa to unearth an archive of more than 10 000 cassettes and reels preserved through the war by resolute radio operators and dedicated gatekeepers of Somali culture: On the hunt for Somalia’s forgotten music treasures

France’s government declassifies documents that throw light on the role of France in the Rwanda genocide: Rwanda / Génocide : Vers la lumière sur le rôle de la France ? Source :

The Latter-day Saints in Mexico have their own repository: Mexico’s rich history preserved at newly dedicated records center

Weekly News Roundup – April 28, 2017

Our weekly news roundup from around the globe

After a long journey from the place of their creation, archival materials provide new evidence for events that took place a century ago.

An exhibit briefly features archival photos from St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum as a “visual counterpoint” to a conference “The Museum after the Revolution” held in London this weekend.

Cultural heritage preservation project links historic sites maintenance and digital infrastructure development in Taiwan.

New centralized Information Storage Centre of the Nepalese government to facilitate transparency of post-earthquake reconstruction efforts and aid disbursement.

Chinese investment helps build a new government complex including archival facilities – in Liberia.


Featured blog post

Lauren Goodley, SAA Committee on Education Vice-Chair/Incoming Chair – Committee on Education Spring Meeting Report from the “Off the Record” blog.